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Exercise: Your Reality Check Summary

Your Reality Check Summary

Think about what you’ve written without any judgment; just notice.

Now you should be able to identify where the gap is between how you see yourself and who you really are.

Read the following outloud to yourself:
I am 31 years old and I have been dating for for over 10 years. My longest relationship was . I would like to be married by .

I think I haven’t met the right one yet because

My goals for marriage are To be married by .

My parents are . They have been/were married for years.

My parents relationship is/was:

My parents met my needs by:

What I would have liked to have from them was:

Some great things about my childhood include:

Some challenging things about my childhood include:

What I want most out of a relationship is:

I attract/date the following kinds of people:

I noticed the following patterns in the people I date:

When I think about dating, I feel:

I may have a blockage in the following areas:

I notice the following patterns in my life:

Based on the needs I wish my parents could have fulfilled for me (whether real or not, true or not), I may have drawn the following conclusions about myself:

I may have a story about myself that goes something like:

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